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Tenant Rep AgencyTM

Providing Commercial real estate brokerage to office tenants only - tenant representation. As subject-matter experts in office leasing and tenant representation, Tenant Rep Agency advocates for tenants, manages a lengthy process and establishes leverage in real estate leasing negotiations. Tenant Rep Agency partners with the largest architectural firm in the world  - HOK - in delivering superior architectural and interiors development with every leasing assignment; and Unigroup, (known by their United and Mayflower Van Lines) the largest move management company in the world. This company was the first commercial real estate office tenant representation firm in the world to mandate LEED "Green" standards applied to every tenant representation assignment.  Corporate relocation services are coordinated through our sister company, Buyers Agency USA. Tenant Rep Agency enjoys great client satisfaction and expansion interests in over 25 major cities throughout the US and Canada, and select international markets. 

Equity Growth International 

Serving Private Equity, Private Family Office, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, M&A and Private Company Owners - Delivering Perfect Health Result of Optimum Company Sale Value - Equity Growth International specializes in increasing clients' net equity in middle market businesses by implementing proprietary revenue and equity growrth to extract trapped equity; and deploying performance improvement models which are regularly deployed at Fortune 500 companies. This proprietary system is deployed before the M&A process, and provides a seamlessly-implemented system to produce Maximized Sustainable EBITDA and ownership value. Our venture partner is Maritz Motivation Solutions, the over $1.4 billion sales and marketing services company, which helps businesses achieve their full potential through inspiring and motivating employees, channel partners and customers. Our venture partner in M&A and investment banking is Clayton Capital Partners.

Profit Growth International

Profit Growth International (PGI) specializes in business intelligence and aggressive business improvement strategies while delivering long-term performance improvement in sales, operations and human resources. Coupling how to improve the "business of business" with successful increases in profits and performance substantially improves cash flows and company value. All Rewards are powered by Maritz Motivation, the power behind the Fortune 500. The Performance Improvement aspects of PGI have been folded into Equity Growth International in 2015.


Modeled after Thomas Edison's idea and innovation laboratory in the 1920s, Madaket Growth seeks to shepherd innovation in business models and by aligning breakout concepts in incubation with the most appropriate capital.


Madaket Social Growth, LLC

Finely-tailored, socially-focused high-target yield and growth investment private placement. Madaket Growth incubated the innovative model in response to specialized problems faced in the wealth management space.

eRENTSAFE is a leader in renters rights providing existing tenants with a formal, automated and private dispute registration and resolution process with their landlords; allows prospective tenants to view landlord and dwelling locations geographically in relationship with the location of registered offenders such as child and sex offenders;  allows prospective or current tenants to evaluate prospective landlords prior to renting; provides the ability to rate existing landlords based on real-life experience; and the eRentSafe Tenant Cloud provides the safe archive of copies of the lease agreement, photos of conditions before move in, photos after move out, images of disputed items (bugs, leaks), audio files (noisy neighbor); manages all your critical dates like renewal options and lease expiration as well as a catalog of necessary contact information like Tenant Advocacy, HUD, local building code managers, and the road map to execute a Landlord Zap to manage all disputes. is applicable to rented apartments, houses, mobile homes, student housing, low income and Section 8 Housing, commercial and industrial tenants, as well as condominium and co-op owners and senior living communities.

Owning and growing great companies with great people.

Madaket Growth specializes in building Extreme Competitive Advantage high-margin, service-based businesses providing superior service to our clients and business partners.

Our relentless focus on competitive advantage widens the performance gap between our companies and our competitors.
Madaket Growth, nor any of the companies in which it holds a stake, is an investment advisor. Madaket Growth is a principal in its holdings, and provides professional advisory services in professional and market development with its holdings; and develops opportunities. 

Serious service. Serious business. Great Companies. Great People. 

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