Welcome to Madaket Growth                                                                    "One World Trade Center Panorama View with Spire" - Image purchased from GigaPan           shop.gigapan.com
                                   "Keeping Businesses Strong, Sustainable and Growing"                    Private Investment Holding Company
 of The Desloge Family and its Trusts

Madaket Growth is a privately-owned holding company engaging in founding and building high-quality companies for our own account and in partnership with others. 

We use new thinking and technologies to spark innovation and launch businesses. Madaket Growth seeks to expand on its solid foundation of high-performance enterprises while providing essential, highly-valued services to its clients.

Customers of Madaket Growth's companies are in demand of perfect and select services to meet and exceed their needs. Each company plays a key role in solving a critical need in that market and answers that social advocacy or business need with a commercially successful enterprise of the highest ranking.

Madaket Growth strives for a zero debt structure while developing and expanding high-margin service businesses with a national or international footprint in sectors of M&A/Investment Baking/Private Equity, business turnaround & improvement consulting services, real estate services, web applications, & other blue ocean opportunities.

From each Madaket Growth majority-owned company, and from Madaket Growth itself, flows an important percentage of profits to fund essential projects around the world to serve those most in human-need.

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